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Our soul

There’s a reason why we should guard our heart. It’s where the soul dwells. Our soul is our life force, our living breath. It is eternal like God and that is why it belongs solely to Him, for He never leaves and our breath is never taken away.

But woe to give it to an earthy being has grave consequences. No matter the promises of loyalty people always leave; either by choice or not.

God is our constant and our soul is a piece of Him inside of us. 


Their Love

*Woman on a bridge planning to jump*

*Guy intervenes by starting a conversation*

Why do you want to jump?" *He sits on the railing with her*

*She tells him her life story* “You see, I’ve got nothing else to live for.

How about spending the rest of your life with me?”

what?” she says bewildered by the offer.

Well I noticed throughout your story you failed to mention a companion.

Cause there wasn’t one." Tears forming in her eyes.

He extended his hand and said Come on, you won’t regret it.

His smile warmed her heart and dried her tears..

Points I’m trying to make:

-Love saves.

-No matter if you feel it’s over, it’s not.

How many times have you felt like the female character?

God will listen to you, and extend His hand to you, offering you a life with Him.

Because that’s what we’re lacking.

And when we seek His face.

His smile really will warm our heart and dry our tears.

Me to me

If I could go back in time and meet myself as a child, I would tell myself how precious I am. My younger self would probably ask what my present time is like. All I could say is sorry because it’s exactly the same. I’d probably break down in front of her.

Her: At least you’re a good person.

Me: Why do you say that?

Her: Cause out of all the reasons to travel back to the past, you came back for me…

(Back to present time)

*Feeling better*
It was either the effect of my affection to little me or little me’s words to me now.

~ A child is filled with hope, dreams, and wonder. Because they do not yet believe anything is impossible. ~ 


Today while shopping my hands were shaking when I got ready to check out. I did everything right. I got everything mom told me to. I did everything right. I put the pin number in correctly. Yet my heart didn’t feel at ease and my hands trembled, like an adrenaline rush I got when I used to play sports, or anxiety… is that what a panic attack is like? It’s like when I helped out in the church booth during the fair.

It’s like an adrenaline rush without the adrenaline. It’s like knowing exactly what to do, but nothing puts your heart at ease. It’s beating 100mph, yet stands still as it’s getting harder to breathe. Your hands are shaky, your vision blurs, you can hear yourself breathing. At the time you don’t realize, that moment is yours, you’re in control.

Anxiety is not a weapon, it’s a strategy of distraction. Your mind is busy thinking “what if I don’t do it right” all the while occupied and blocking out the ability to process “what if you do”. ~ Cloudy.